Can Silicon Valley’s Pro-Antitrust Congressman Navigate His Monopoly-Friendly District? (Part of the Antitrust Me series for Select All)

Keith Ellison and the New ‘Antitrust Caucus’ Want to Know Exactly How Bad Mergers Have Been for the American Public (Select All/New York Mag)

Trump’s possible pick for FTC chair might have to recuse himself in cases involving Google, Facebook or Microsoft (Recode)

The Bizarre Truth Behind the Biggest Pro-Trump Facebook Hoaxes (Inc.) (Plus follow-up)

Why Political Ads Are Regulated but Fake News on Facebook Isn’t (Inc., published in 2016, before Congressional hearings about Russian weaponization of social media)

Can’t live without it: A trucker’s take on I-95 (The Day)

Get Married, Save Thousands on Tuition (The New York Times)

U.C. Proxy Voting Skirts Review Guidelines, Documents Show (The New York Times)

The Crowdfunding Pioneer Responsible for $850 Million in Startup Capital (Inc. Magazine cover story)

Staying on track (The Day, profile of the embattled owner of a long-running race track threatened with closure)

Family awaits word of boater who vanished after following Morgan to New London (The Day)

Can dilapidated Seaside be salvaged? (The Day)

Seaside will become a state park (The Day)

New Rules Shrink Budget Options (The Bay Citizen, via Internet Archive)

Controversy Rages Over ‘Pro-Slavery’ Tech Speaker Curtis Yarvin (Inc.)

Google’s Allo app can reveal to your friends what you’ve searched (Recode)

Google is telling employees not to worry about Trump’s latest immigration crackdown (Recode)

Why Google Lens is Google’s future (Recode)

Google has bigger challenges with Home than just recognizing different voices (Recode)


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